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Our Mission

Mott Hall V is dedicated to providing a nurturing, equitable and rigorous education emphasizing Mathematics, Science and Technology that will guide 6th through 12th graders to higher educational opportunities and lifelong success.

Creating classrooms where students will collaboratively engage in stimulating tasks, generate and solve thought-provoking questions and challenge peers' responses while tracking and monitoring personal growth and skill development.

Recent News

Mott Hall V Parent Teacher Conferences

A parent-teacher conference (PTC) is a short meeting between you and your child’s teacher to talk about your
child’s academic performance and experience at school.

Global Family and Community Conference

New York City Public Schools invites you to a 3-day event, Global Family and Community Conference designed to celebrate multilingualism, multiculturalism, and the inherent power and brilliance of our diverse communities. With 2 virtual options and an in-person experience at the Intrepid Museum, the conference will offer workshops on the importance of bilingual education, supports for postsecondary planning, an understanding of educational laws, mental wellness tips, and more. There will also be amazing guest speakers, cultural performances, and opportunities to meet other multilingual and immigrant families across NYC.

Upcoming Events